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A story for Global Action Week

The Global Campaign for Education is encouraging people to share stories about the importance of education in their lives. So, here’s my story.

My story

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Lizzy who lived in the beautiful seaside town of Skerries.

My primary and secondary schools were a 10 minute cycle down the road from my house. While there, I learned a lot about maths, geography , Irish and English, not to mention art and music. My school days were mostly fun-filled thanks to the friends I made. We all had a great time – especially during summer when we would go swimming in the sea.

Happy days

I may not have been a straight-A student or found a cure for cancer or won any awards but my education has (mostly!) made me a very happy person. I have great memories of my wonderful school and college days. And I’m still learning something new every day. But, 69 million children do not have that luxury because they have never ever gone to school. 

Global Action Week

The Global Campaign for Education aims to achieve education for everyone. The campaigners organise the event Global Action Week to raise awareness of this issue. The theme of this year’s Global Action Week puts women’s and girls’ education in the spotlight. This is vital, considering one in four women cannot read or write and millions are denied access to education.

People all over the world are telling stories during Global Action Week about the importance of education. Telling stories is one of the most powerful ways to share knowledge. After all – no matter what our education experience was like, we all have our stories about it!

Tell your story

Tell your story and join the Global Campaign for Education in showing the world that everyone needs education. Send your story to me at [email protected] or share it in the comment box below.