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Take a step for Fairtrade

This year, take a step for Fairtrade! During Fairtrade fortnight, from 27 February to 11 March, you can support workers’ rights by buying ethically-produced goodies.

It’s easy

Your step for Fairtrade can be as simple as trying a new Fairtrade product or swapping your usual brand of tea to Fairtrade. If you want to do more, you can launch a campaign in your office to get people involved with Fairtrade. 

Why does it matter?

Every single change counts. It means that farmers and workers in developing countries get a better deal.

Come on

Take a step with Fairtrade – we’ll even give you some fancy laces for your shoes! What are we talking about? Visit the Fairtrade Facebook page to find out.

Not our first time

Concern often works with great charity partners like Fairtrade and we usually blog about it. Read about our bake-off and banana ambitions

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