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They know more than us!

I've had a great Fairtrade Fortnight so far.

I must have listened to my entire Velvet Underground collection a few times over, asked around where a gal can get a good banana tattoo these days and dropped “Dear Store Manager” Fairtrade postcards into my local shops. They need constant reminding up here!

But what has really made my fortnight are my visits to three primary schools to talk to them about Fairtrade and child labour. I discovered that 10-year-olds know more than we do about Fairtrade!

Our young friends have grasped the concept of Fairtrade much easier than any adult would. They also knew exactly what Fairtrade products were available in the shops. So thanks to St Paul's Girls National School, Greenhills, St Damien's National School, Walkinstown and Donabate Educate Together. They’re giving us all hope that our future is in the hands of young people who are well-informed, caring and willing to change the world for the better.

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