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Thoughts before Kenya trip

This blog post was written by Myles McCormick, debates winner 2009.

Right, two hundred words on the story so far. This is slightly tricky given that the story has yet to begin. But here goes...

Itinerary and vaccinations

Having won the Concern Debates National Final last May, the Sandford team of myself Ben, James and Matthew were offered the opportunity to go on a trip to Kenya to see firsthand some of Concern’s projects in action. By now, we’ve all been to meetings about our itinerary and had our vaccinations. We’re just about ready to head out.


We’ll be joined by Daniel and David from CBS Ennistymon, for their fundraising activities; and be in the capable hands of Séan O’Malley from Sandford, Gerry Sexton from CBS Ennistymon and Evanna Craig and Fionnagh Nally from Concern.


In terms of what we’re expecting to gain from the trip, personally I’m hoping to find out just what life is like for the people living in Kenya. Obviously enough, things out there from the point of view of culture and way of life are very different to how they are in Ireland. And it’ll be interesting to come to terms with just what those differences are.


Ultimately, the trip will be an eye-opener in terms of the level of poverty that exists in that part of the world. No matter what problems we may have in Ireland, they can be nothing compared to millions of people struggling to get by in Nairobi’s slums. This is a concept that we in the First World can only struggle to understand from the comfort of our armchairs. To see it firsthand will be both a humbling and shocking experience.

An oppurtunity

So, for all of those reasons we’re looking forward to having the opportunity to talk to the kids out there and getting to know them.


I’d say I’ve passed the two hundred word mark at this stage. I’ve six hours to pack a bag now and get some sleep before heading to the airport.