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Training, training and more training

Tony Foster is taking part in the London Triathlon for Concern. He’s been training hard. Are any of you able to keep up with him? Here’s his latest blog post about his preparations for the event.

Wow! Another month gone by – where did it go? It was all going so well for my training. I was having my first outdoor run, feeling good, about 10k into it, when I pulled my calf muscle. That really hasn’t helped.


Fortunately, it wasn’t so severe that I had to stop entirely – I’ve just been unable to run. Last week, I was lucky enough to have three days skiing. I know that my fitness level must be good, as I went hard at it each day, without any stiffness afterwards (but sore knees!).

Weekly schedule

Here’s my schedule for this week:


I start on with a long swimming session. This is followed by half an hour on the bike, followed by half an hour core workout class with a fit-ball.


I focus on gym work, mostly weight machines, for my upper and lower body.


The day begins with a “killer spin” class. Then, at lunchtime I do an hour of pilates.


More swimming!


The mornings are spent doing one hour of gym circuit work, mostly lower body exercises. In the evening, I do another long session in the pool.


Finally, I do some gym circuit work, mostly upper body. This weekend I’m playing golf, so I might not squeeze much exercise in, unless I can get on the turbo-trainer at home for an hour.

Thankfully, it’s for a good cause

Does this guy work for a living, I hear you ask? Well, yes I do. All this training is normally finished by 8.30am so I can be in the office by nine. So, if you’re ahead of me at this stage, well done! I have some catching up to do with the running work, and hoping my (old) body will not give up on me. I just keep thinking that the cause is good and it will all be worthwhile.