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Unheard Voices: time running out

The 2011 G8 summit is taking place on 26 - 27 May this year. That means we’ve got one week to ensure that the UK’s promise to spend £1.1 billion on hunger is kept on the agenda. We need your help to do this.

It’s a shocking fact that although enough food is produced globally to feed everyone, there are still close to a billion people going hungry every night. 

Struggling farmers

Around half of the world’s hungry people are poor farmers with small plots of land. They struggle every day to grow or buy enough food for themselves and their families. Concern works with poor farmers in 25 developing countries, most of whom are women. With food prices soaring, these farmers are amongst the hardest hit. With more support, things could be very different. The UK’s commitment to ending world hunger could go a long way to helping these poor farmers.

Our hunger promise

In 2009, at the G8 summit, the UK government promised to spend £1.1 billion over the next three years to support agriculture and move towards ending hunger for all. With just a week to go until the May 2011 G8 summit, time is of the essence.

End to hunger: a click away

We’ve set up a really simple online form so you can email your MP to make sure the government keeps its hunger promise. In less than two minutes, you can do your bit to help end world hunger.