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What’s all this about Crazy Dave?

It was one of those emails that could have gone anywhere: "Crazy Dave wants to release a single and give the proceeds to Concern." Who, exactly, is Dave, what’s making him crazy and what is the song about?

 A little investigation revealed that he's the narrator, if grunts counts as narration, of the uber-popular multi-platform Plants vs Zombies video game. (Note to editor: I need to add in the word "addiction." I've been playing it non-stop for three weeks.) 

Crazy and catchy

We listened and listened to the single and decided that there was no sense to the lyrics, but there was something very, very memorable about the music. See for yourself, if you don’t believe us.

Having fun

I spoke with Cathy Orr from PopCap, the makers of the game. She told me that PopCap is entirely focused on having fun. Fun is good, especially when the proceeds of the single benefit Concern’s work. 

And the popularity of Plants vs Zombies shouldn’t be underestimated: they have 5.5 million Facebook followers, almost 500,000 YouTube views of the single and a legion of fans throughout the world. The X Factor single has stiff competition for the coveted Christmas number one spot this year!

Gift with a twist

So, if you’re looking for something a little different as a gift this Christmas, could I respectfully suggest Wabby Wabbo –  it’ll give you endless amounts of entertainment and you’ll be helping Concern’s work too.

>> Download from iTunes in euro and GB pounds