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What have you learned so far from the debates?

Hello debaters!

Sorry we were unable to blog last week – every spare second was spent preparing for Round Two which is now underway. Several successful debates took place last night, and we will post results on the web as soon as we get them in from the adjudicators. If you are debating later this week or next week, good luck!

We are glad to see that students are reading the blog and picking up our research tips online, judging by the number of comments we are getting in. Don’t forget you can send us photos, news and your thoughts to

What have you learned so far from the debates? Pamela from St. Joseph of Cluny School sent us in a copy of her debate speech, and she is convinced that “education is the key to ending poverty”. There is certainly a lot of evidence to back this up, and education is an area where changes can be made. According to the Global Campaign for Education’s   “School Report 2007”, 37 million more children were brought into the schooling system between 2000 and 2005. But they calculate that $9 billion a year is still needed to meet the Millenium Development Goal on education. Also, as Pamela points out, though “Educational Poverty” does not sound as severe a problem as hunger or disease, these can often be the result of lack of education. So spending a little on education now could make all the difference later on.

It’s hard to get a grip on what $9 billion means isn’t it? It seems like a huge amount. But in terms of national budgets, or the profits of transnational companies it’s not that big. A quick Google search reveals that $9 billion would be the cost of a new fleet of ships and amphibious vehicles for the Australian Navy, or the US State of Minnesota’s transportation bill, or 150 new airplanes from Boeing for China.

So what issues have you been reading about? What have you been so incensed by that you’ve been thumping the dinner table as you explained the problem to your family? Let us know in 300-500 words, and you could be the celebrity blogger here next week.