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Who would you pick?

The debates final in May is a while off yet. But when you’re working away over Christmas on your debates speeches, we’ll be working on arranging a venue and a host for the grand finale.

So we were wondering…if you could pick anyone to host the debates, who would you chose? A politician? A pop star? A sporting hero? A well known television presenter? Let us know, and we’ll see what we can do.

Speaking of Round Three,  the sides, dates and research tips are now live on the website. Please make sure you know all the details for your next debate. They will take place in the week of 12 to 15 January, so start preparing now!

Just to remind you, the winner of each group automatically goes through to the knockout phase. Second placed teams are entered into a draw for the extra places. If there is a draw at the top of the group both teams will go through.

Best of luck with all the school exams, carol concerts and school plays that are happening at this time of year, and Happy Christmas!