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Winner takes all

So, the invites have been sent, the programme is at the printers and Michael Doorly (the visionary leader of Active Citizenship) is busy polishing the trophy…the excitement at debates HQ is mounting. The Concern Debates National Final is only one day away!

Who will be the 25th winners of the final? You’ll find out tomorrow. 

As the dust settles

This year, the final motion is especially topical and has generated lots of interest among Concern staff.

So much so, that this afternoon a special staff debate is taking place in the canteen. 


The motion (the same as the real final):

As the dust settles, Haiti can look forward to a brighter and better future.

And I don’t mean to offend my beloved colleagues, but the standard will not come close to matching that of the real final!

Looking forward to the real thing tomorrow – see you there.