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Concern and the Millennium Development Goals

The Millennium Development Goals have guided the work of Concern Worldwide over the past 10 years. They have informed our work across the 28 countries where we work. They have shaped our education, advocacy and policy work in Ireland, the UK and the US.

Path out of poverty

In anticipation of next week’s UN Millennium Development Goals Summit in New York, Concern has produced a booklet. It offers a brief insight into the contribution Concern’s work makes towards these goals. 

It’s about our work with ordinary people who show extraordinary strength, resourcefulness and resilience as they seek a path out of poverty. We walk that journey with them, learning as we go and scaling up successes where possible. 

Recent crises

This is a path that has become more difficult in recent years. The food, fuel and financial crises have amounted to a “perfect storm,” compounded by natural disasters including the Haitian earthquake and the devastating floods in Pakistan.

Eye of the storm

The millennium goals are in the eye of this storm. While there has been progress towards the goals in many countries over the last decade, the challenges for the very poorest countries of our world remain enormous. 

The very poorest people are directly affected by these crises, but they are also indirectly hit, as rich countries draw back on commitments made in “better times.” The sad reality is that the very poorest of our world cannot afford to wait for the “better times” to return.

Moment of truth

With five years until the deadline, the outcome of September’s summit will be crucial. Political leadership of the highest level will be needed, and ambition will need to be matched by action. When history is written, 2010 will be seen as “the moment of truth” for these goals.


In the meantime, we continue our work towards the Millennium Development Goals, seeking always to improve our impact and inspired every day by the people with whom we work.