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Haiti in need of investment

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of the massive earthquake that struck Haiti on 12 January 2010. Concern is focused on helping to rebuild Haiti and reducing the country’s vulnerability to future disasters. 

Haiti has a bright future, but needs both leadership and international investment for recovery, stability and growth.


Haiti needs leadership from the current or future government to deal decisively with land tenure issues. In particular, the issues of urban planning and the resettlement of displaced people must be dealt with.


The country’s longer-term economic recovery will depend on investment from the private sector. This is needed in order to create jobs, particularly in the construction, agriculture and fisheries sectors.  

International donors, such as the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, can also help the government rebuild the city’s infrastructure. Many roads, hospitals and government buildings were destroyed by the earthquake.

Local knowledge

Concern has considerable local knowledge of Haiti, as we have been working there since 1994. We are placing an emphasis on helping people recover from the earthquake and reducing their vulnerability to future disasters. 

Recovery takes time

Good quality shelter, designed to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes, takes longer to build but will also last longer. Helping people make a living and improving education and nutrition also takes time. However, these are all important parts of the recovery.

Courage and resilience

The people of Haiti have shown incredible courage and resilience in the face of last year’s disaster and its consequences since then. They deserve to be supported; they deserve a brighter future. Leadership and investment will go a long way to providing that.

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