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Haiti: still an emergency

Enormous progress has been made in the past year, but Haiti is still an emergency situation. 

Shelter and cholera

The overall aid effort is going slower than we would like. Over one million people are still living in tents and there have been 3,000 deaths from cholera. Currently, it is estimated that there are 100,000 cases of cholera. The UN estimates that this could rise to 400,000 over the next year unless the situation is tackled urgently and decisively. 


International donor pledges must be honoured as quickly as possible to accelerate the overall recovery and to deal with many issues. The shelter and cholera situations, in particular, need to be dealt with.  

Concern works

Concern alone is reaching 130,000 people – nearly 10% of those affected. We are providing these people with a diverse range of services, from water and sanitation to health education and hurricane-proof housing construction. Our staff and local partners are doing exceptional, high quality work.

Public response 

I’d like to thank the public for their phenomenal response. I’d like to assure you that Concern is using your donations wisely and effectively. We are doing everything in our power to bring both speedy relief and longer-term solutions to those in need.