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An honour for Concern

I have been elected to an international board aimed at increasing the impact of agricultural research in developing countries. This is an honour for Concern and a reflection of the international recognition of the part played by Ireland in fighting world poverty.

The nine-member board has been appointed by the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research (CGIAR)

Nutrition and health

CGIAR employs more than 8,000 scientists and support staff in over 100 countries. It is involved in cutting-edge research aimed at increasing agricultural growth, improving human nutrition and health, and better management of natural resources.  

The board is chaired by leading Uruguayan diplomat and economist, Carlos Perez del Castillo. 

Improving effectiveness

Irish Aid, the Irish government’s international aid programme, has strongly supported the work of CGIAR over the past decade. Concern cooperates with a number of the CGIAR centres to improve the effectiveness of our own programmes. On being elected to the board, I hope to bring this experience to the wider CGIAR research programme.