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Small countries are not small-minded

St Patrick’s Day is a time to reflect upon, and be proud of, our role and achievements in working with those less fortunate than ourselves. It is a role that small countries like Ireland play a big part in.

Something we do well

Ireland proves small countries are not necessarily small-minded. Our moral and practical support for people in the poorest circumstances is part of our DNA. It gives us a unique perspective on the world. Ireland and its aid agencies play a leading international role in combating hunger and in responding to emergencies and natural disasters across the world.

Millions of Euro

The most recent example of this has been the response to Haiti. The Irish public has donated and fundraised in hugely imaginative and inspiring ways, giving over €21 million to date. €8 million of it was given to Concern’s own appeal. The government has also been very quick with its response.

Thank you

While Ireland’s reaction to Haiti is proof of our concern for others, we must not forget the one billion people in the developing world who are going to bed hungry and living in extreme poverty. It is, quite simply, unacceptable. Concern is working daily to eradicate this dire reality and we take this opportunity to thank the Irish people for their ongoing generosity and support.