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Child survival: a call to action

Over the last 50 years, child mortality has been reduced by 70%. However, more than seven million children will die this year before they reach their fifth birthday.

A new report, published by Concern Worldwide, and an event in Washington today aim to put an end to this problem for good. 

New frontiers in child survival

I am delighted to introduce Concern's learning paper, “Reaching the Most Vulnerable: New Frontiers in Child Survival.” We have sought to capture the key achievements and lessons from our child survival work in six countries over the past 14 years. We are fortunate to have done that work in partnership with, and funded by, USAID’s child survival and health grants programme.

About the event

The Child Survival Call to Action is taking place in Washington, DC on 14 and 15 June. It is co-hosted by the governments of the US, India and Ethiopia. This event is focused on ensuring the survival of newborns, children and mothers. It is bringing together 700 prominent leaders from government, the private sector and charities to kick off a long-term effort to save children’s lives. I am attending this event today and tomorrow. There will be a live video stream of the speakers at this event.

Next steps

Today's event will launch a new initiative called the "A Promise Renewed." This outlines a series of activities to monitor progress in child survival efforts and ensure organisations are accountable to the people they help. 

By pledging to work together to end preventable child deaths, the partners of A Promise Renewed are uniting in a common cause. This cause is one that every generation in history has instinctively embraced: doing our best so that children may survive and thrive.