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High stakes: G8 and world hunger

Concern Worldwide is pushing the G8 to renew its commitments to global hunger and nutrition. Ahead of this week’s summit, I will be speaking at a number of events to ensure this message is heard. 

The fight against hunger is at a critical crossroads. We have never had as much knowledge, political will and grassroots engagement as we do today. We need to harness this to make malnutrition history. 

Despite this, almost one billion people do not have enough food.  

East Africa crisis

Last year, I travelled to east Africa during the height of the drought that pushed 12 million people to the brink of crisis. I had witnessed suffering and death caused by hunger before, but I was nonetheless shocked. We are at a point in human history when “famine” should no longer be in our vocabulary.


President Barack Obama, as this year’s summit host, has a responsibility to ensure that world hunger and nutrition are on the agenda.

The time is now

We have released a report detailing our recommendations on how the G8 funds should be distributed. 

One of these recommendations is about a new way of fighting child malnutrition. Research shows that improving nutrition in the 1,000 days between pregnancy and a child’s second birthday can save the lives of one million children a year. If this gets the support of governments around the world, we can make huge changes globally.

G8 events

I will be speaking at three events around the 2012 G8 summit. This includes two events that Concern is hosting along with fellow charities, academic institutions, companies and other stakeholders. The first is on 17 May in Washington, DC and the second is on 21 May in Chicago. 

I will also join President Barack Obama as a speaker at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs Third Annual Symposium on Global Agriculture and Food Security on 18 May in Washington, DC. There will be a live video stream of the speeches at this event. Watch the video stream

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