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Open Forum on Food

The recent increase in global food prices is having a devastating impact on people in the world’s poorest countries. Today, I am participating in the World Bank’s “Open Forum on Food,” which aims to find solutions for this crisis. 

Update: Watch videos of the event

Food prices

Do you know how much of your income you spend on food? It varies from person to person, from place to place, but in richer countries the average is about 10%. Does that sound about right? 

In poorer countries this figure is much higher. When I visited rural Zimbabwe last year, I saw that people were spending nearly all their money on food, with only small amounts being spent on healthcare and education. 

Crisis for the poorest

These differences are important, particularly when we consider that world prices are at their highest point ever, and are predicted to rise further. This is going to have a huge impact on the world’s poorest people. This is why the “food price crisis” is really a “crisis for the poorest.”

A matter of life and death

The Open Forum on Food will discuss the impact of rising and volatile food prices as well as solutions to feeding a hungry world. 

Tackling the crisis

Concern is already responding to the recent price increases, building on the work it has been doing since the crisis began in 2008. We are responding with food, cash and other measures required to help improve people’s incomes and access to food.