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A partnership to fight hunger

Some time ago, Concern Worldwide began a partnership with Kerry Group and the International Food Policy Research Institute to find innovative solutions to world hunger. Now, the organisations have launched a new initiative, aimed at improving mortality rates in children under two years of age.

Zambia was chosen as the location of this project because approximately 45% of its pre-school children are stunted as a result of chronic malnutrition. Stunting is much more than reduced growth rate. It can cause irreversible brain damage, and can increase the risk of contracting diseases in later life.

Helping families

The project will focus on reducing the prevalence of malnutrition among pregnant mothers and young children in Mumbwa District, western Zambia. We aim to help 3,480 families with this work. 

Hopes for the future

It is intended that the project model can then be used in other areas of Zambia, and in other countries where Concern is working. 

It is to the great credit of Kerry Group that they are fully behind this five-year project. We hope this will eventually influence international policy in relation to malnutrition.