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Something to be proud of

St Patrick's Day is a time to reflect upon, and be proud of, Ireland’s achievements in working with those less fortunate in our world. Ireland and its aid agencies play a leading role in combating hunger and in responding to emergencies across the world.

It is welcome and timely, then, that the new government has renewed its commitment to giving 0.7% of our national income to overseas aid. If possible, this should be done by the target date of 2015, in line with its international commitments.

Making a difference 

The disaster in Japan brings to mind the Haiti earthquake and Pakistan floods last year and, indeed, the Asian tsunami of 2004. In our response to global emergencies such as these, Ireland proves small countries can make a difference on the world stage. This is something for which we have received considerable international plaudits.

A unique perspective

Our moral and practical support for people in the poorest and most vulnerable countries is part of our DNA. It gives us a unique perspective on the world. 

Given the reputational damage suffered by Ireland over the past couple of years, it is all the more important to acknowledge this positive contribution to the world.