Children in Niger need your ongoing support

Niger Christmas appeal

Children in Niger need your help

Half of the children in Tahoua, Niger are chronically malnourished, and are in urgent need of food and healthcare.

This Christmas, please set up a regular donation with Concern so that children in Niger can get the lifesaving help they need.

Abdoul's story

Last August, one-year-old Abdoul became so weak from malnutrition he could barely breathe. His mother Bachara knew that if she didn't find help soon, her little boy would die. 

Thankfully, Abdoul was brought to a health centre and was immediately referred to a Concern-supported hospital in Tahoua. He spent five days being tube-fed in a hospital stabilisation unit and thankfully he is on his way to a full recovery. 

Save a life this Christmas

But he is one of the lucky ones. There are many more children like him who need immediate help.

A donation of only €5 per month could provide life-saving emergency food for other children just like Abdoul.

Thousands of children like Abdoul are fighting for survival and, for many, our health centres are their only hope.

In this season of good will, why not start a monthly donation to Concern – and help children like Abdoul overcome malnutrition and enjoy the life they deserve.