Concern recognised by Bangladeshi government for promoting breastfeeding

Press release7 August 2019
Concern's Bangladesh team hold the award at an event organised as part of observing Breast Feeding Week. Photo: Hasina Rahman / Concern Worldwide
Concern's Bangladesh team hold the award at an event organised as part of observing Breast Feeding Week. Photo: Hasina Rahman / Concern Worldwide

As World Breastfeeding Week draws to a close, Concern Worldwide has been recognised by Bangladesh’s National Nutrition Service, Institute of Public Health and Bangladesh Breast Feeding Foundation for its contribution to promoting, protecting and supporting breastfeeding in Bangladesh.

Helen Ware, Programme Director with Concern in Bangladesh, accepted the award at a ceremony on Tuesday morning in the capital, Dhaka.

“We are very pleased to have received this award. We understand that breastfeeding is vital to the growth and development of all children, setting the foundation for a bright and healthy future in which all children can fulfil their potential,” Helen said. 

Concern in its work in Bangladesh, has been supporting extremely poor households and communities to address malnutrition by implementing proven interventions including promotion of breastfeeding.

The charity is reaching around 141,377 children under five years of age, their parents and pregnant and lactating women.

Fighting extreme poverty

Concern is doing this through Early Childhood Development activities in Pavement Dweller Centres, Infant and Young Child Feeding counselling in health centres and in the community through Mother Support Group activities, courtyard sessions, counselling and cooking demonstrations for men and boys.  

“Concern have worked to promote good nutrition throughout all of our work – whether working with mothers in the Rohingya refugee camps, to mothers living on the streets of Dhaka. We believe that all mothers and children should be supported by their families, communities and workplaces to ensure that all children receive the nutritional support that they need. This work is essential in Bangladesh, where only 55% of children are exclusively breastfed,” adds Helen.

Concern has been fighting extreme poverty in Bangladesh for 47 years. Along with its nutrition and breastfeeding activities throughout all of its programme, it’s currently working in  Cox’s Bazar, running feeding centres at a number of camps for Rohingya refugees who fled violence and persecution in Myanmar’s Rakhine State.

The charity also provide livelihood support to 65,961 extremely poor people and are running an Empowering Women and Youth project, promoting group savings in order to build their economic and financial assets.

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