Burundi annual programme plan 2015

Burundi annual programme plan 2015

04 March 2015

Since mid-2013, the political situation in Burundi has been constantly deteriorating. The preparation and running of elections will define 2015 in the South-East African nation.

While this small landlocked country has begun to enjoy a modest economic growth, a large proportion of its population still suffers deprivation. There is a wide inequality between capital city Bujumbura and the rest of the country.

Our country strategic plan proposes that Concern will extend the scope of its work in the provinces of Cibitoke and Kirundo, as well as expanding its programmes to two additional provinces.

A new two year case management project featuring community rehabilitation and nutritional education in Kirundo was commenced in 2014. A fresh resilience project is being developed, targeting extreme poor and vulnerable families in this province.

The implementation of the graduation programme, started in 2012, will be finalised in Cibitoke and Kirundo.

The positive results of the graduation programme has positioned Concern in national discussions, advocating for improved social protection programmes. This level of engagement will be intensified in 2015.

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Olipa shows her book of revenue records are part of her "graduation model" programme in Cibitoke province, Burundi. Photo taken by Irenee Nduqayezu/Concern Worldwide

Burundi annual programme plan 2015

Concern’s country programme for Burundi in 2015 addresses the health and wellbeing of children through nutrition projects, as well as an emphasis on developing livelihoods for vulnerable families in the South-East African nation.