CMAM surge toolkit

CMAM surge toolkit

20 June 2016

The CMAM Surge Approach has been developed by Concern Worldwide to help health systems more effectively deliver services for children with acute malnutrition.

It is based on the observation that in many contexts the number of children seeking treatment for acute malnutrition tends to peak during certain months of the year. These seasonal ‘surges’ in demand are driven by many overlapping factors, including, for example the pre-harvest hunger gap, increased incidence of malaria or diarrhea during the rainy season, women’s workload patterns and movements associated with grazing livestock. It is during these caseload surges that the potential to save lives is greatest, yet government health systems and the wider humanitarian sector are often not able to provide timely, effective response.

CMAM Surge Approach

The CMAM Surge Approach outlines a process and set of practical tools to help health facility and health district teams determine when seasonal caseload surges are likely to occur and to better prepare for and manage services during those periods of high demand. Concern in partnership with the respective Ministries of Health has successfully piloted the approach in Kenya and Uganda. An external evaluation in Kenya found the approach to be effective, acceptable and highly relevant to to the context and a review in Uganda found much the same.

The CMAM Surge Approach has enormous potential to save lives in contexts where weak health systems are struggling to provide services during seasonal surges in acute malnutrition. Scale up is already underway in Kenya and Uganda, and interest is growing among stakeholders in a number of countries. Concern plans to support this expansion into new contexts while strengthening evidence and learning to improve its effectiveness.

CMAM Surge Toolkit

Concern has developed the CMAM Surge Operational Guide, Toolbox and Facilitator’s Guide in English and French. Valuable feedback on the guide and tools were provided by practitioners from East and West Africa during two workshops conducted in early 2016. A framework for evaluating the value for money of the approach has also been developed for application in the near future.

In the links below you will find:

  • A brief on the CMAM Surge Approach
  • The Operational Guide and companion Toolbox
  • The Facilitators’ Guide
  • A Value for Money framework for use in future evaluations of the approach
  • Reports on the two consultation workshops and the powerpoints presented
  • A report on the Uganda CMAM Surge Scoping Exercise with key recommendations
  • The guides in word and powerpoint format for country adaptation

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Yak sits with his mother, Achara, and eats ready-to-eat therapeutic foods at Mayom Health Care Unit in Aweil West County, Northern Bahr el Gazal, South Sudan. Photo taken by Crystal Wells/Concern Worldwide.

CMAM surge toolkit

Toolkit for practitioners wishing to apply Concern's CMAM Surge Approach to more effectively deliver services for children with acute malnutrition.