Concern Bangladesh Annual Review 2012 - 2014

Concern Bangladesh Annual Review 2012 - 2014

04 August 2015

Concern has been working in Bangladesh since 1972, focusing on empowering those living in extreme poverty to transform their lives. 

We helped 80,049 people in the remote chars of Bangladesh to move out of  extreme poverty.

Over the last 43 years in the country, we have been working relentlessly to alleviate extreme poverty by focusing on 3 key aspects of this multifaceted issue: inequalities, risks and vulnerabilities.

Programmes have been designed with interventions at 3 levels: micro (community & unions), meso (sub-district & district) and macro (national level). By working at these 3 levels, we aim to reduce extreme poverty by addressing hunger, maternal and child health, primary education, inequality, and disaster risk reduction in Bangladesh. 

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Concern Bangladesh Annual Review 2012 - 2014

An overview of our work in Bangladesh focusing on the alleviation of extreme poverty.
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