Improving health and education in the Chars of Bangladesh

Improving health and education in the Chars of Bangladesh

16 December 2014

The people living in the Chars, Bangladesh, are extremely vulnerable due to the high risk of droughts, floods, erosions and cyclones. The remoteness of these areas means that many Char-dwellers are living in extreme poverty and often lack access to essential services. 

Concern Worldwide has been working to improve livelihoods through our Char Health and Education project. This project aims to tackle some of the root causes of poverty: a lack of education and access to health services.

Volunteer teachers provide additional support to underperforming students. Photo taken by Concern Worldwide, Bangladesh.

Concern is providing support to teachers to increase the quality of education for primary school students. We’ve also implemented a Telemedicine and m-Health pilot project in order to improve access to health services for the extreme poor living in the Chars.

Download the evaluation by clicking on the link below. 

Here’s an excerpt from the document: 

Although Bangladesh has attained significant enrolment and gender parity in primary education nationally, there is a stark contrast between the figures from the mainland and the Chars.


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Improving health and education in the Chars of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a low-lying country with relatively stable land. However, six million people live under constant threat of climatic shocks in highly unstable areas known as Chars.
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