We produce a lot of documentation on our programmes, the areas where we work and other important subjects. You can download a selection of it, including research, publications and evaluations.

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Date Type Resource
30 Apr 16 Press release Concern reassures Irish Donors

Concern Worldwide has confirmed today that no donors in the Republic of Ireland have been affected by an administrative error which resulted in wrong amounts being debited from some of its donors in the UK. 

20 Apr 16 Publication Concern programmes in Mozambique

This publication provides a brief overview of our programme work in Mozambique in 2015.

20 Apr 16 Publication Mozambique annual plan 2016

This publication provides a brief overview of our programme in Mozambique for 2016.  

18 Apr 16 Publication Community Resilience to Acute Malnutrition (CRAM): Learning to date from Concern’s programme in Chad

Brief to share learnings from the results of the CRAM baseline and midline surveys carried out in late 2012 and late 2014 in relation to our programme in the Sila region of eastern Chad.

18 Apr 16 Press release Time is running out for millions living in drought-stricken Ethiopia

“Act now to prevent further suffering,” Concern CEO makes urgent appeal to international community to support people living in the crisis-hit country.

14 Apr 16 Press release Concern Worldwide calls for urgent response to emergencies in drought-hit Malawi & Mozambique

Concern Worldwide is calling for an urgent response after drought stricken Malawi declared a national disaster and Mozambique issued a “red-alert.”

7 Apr 16 Press release Concern aid worker recalls Rwandan Genocide on 22nd anniversary of atrocity

"I can still smell the rotting bodies of the victims," Concern aid worker recalls dark days of Rwandan Genocide as country marks 22 years since atrocity.  


23 Mar 16 Publication Review of barriers to maternal and child health services informal settlements in Nairobi

This review looks at the barriers to health services for mothers and children who live in informal settlements in Nairobi. It provides recommendations on how access to maternal and child health services could be improved. 

11 Mar 16 Publication Concern’s work with street dwellers in Bangladesh

This brochure provides an outline of the InvESt project in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Implemented by Concern and Nari Maitree, it focused on empowering street-dwellers by enabling them to increase their income and develop skills. 

11 Mar 16 Publication Charter on Community Resilience to Climate Change in Bay of Bengal 2015

­The charter, developed by Concern among others, outlines the high priority areas for making climate change agreements truly meaningful for communities in the Bay of Bengal.