Concern has sponsored the construction of underwater pipelines to bring in fresh water to islands that lost their water source due to Typhoon Haiyan. To do this they have trained local fishermen how to dive and sponsored the dive equipment needed for this task.

Fisherman, Roman Ybiernes with diving equipment provided by Concern Worldwide. Photo: Steve De Neef


Schools were rebuilt to provide education and function as safe evacuation centres during future typhoons. They are able to withstand winds of up to 300km per hour and are earthquake resistant.

Children playing at the Polopina elementary school. Many schools were damaged during the typhoon. Concern is rebuilding schools on different islands around Concepcion, the schools will also be built stronger since they double as evacuation centres in many islands, they will also be fitted with a rainwater system to provide an extra source of water for the island. Photo: Steve De Neef