Somalia Appeal 2019

Somalia, conflict, malnutrition

Somalia Appeal 2019

Meet Hani and Nala

Hani and her family live in a make-shift hut in a camp in Mogadishu, built for people who have been displaced internally as a result of violence and drought. There is limited lighting, security, toilets and water.

When Hani was pregnant with Nala, she was forced from her home after violence broke out in her village. She travelled by foot to safety, leaving behind all of her belongings. The little food they had for the journey was stolen from them by militia. She went without foods for days. 

Nala was born three months later, but Hani admits that she did not get to eat enough when she was pregnant so little Nala was born very weak.

Concern's response

As Hani sits in Concern’s nutrition clinic, Nala is drifting in-and-out of consciousness. Hani tries to keep her daughter awake to feed her, but Nala is too weak and winces when her mother tries to wake her.

Concern admitted Nala into the life-saving therapeutic food programme and Hani is receiving provisions for food for her and her family. Without this support, Hani and her family would have starved.

"I dream for a peaceful Mogadishu. I dream that one day, Nala and the rest of my children will see a peaceful Mogadishu and never worry about having enough food. We all just want to live in peace," she said. 

You can help

Concern provides nutrition to almost 25,000 Somali children and their mothers.

Please donate to Concern's Somalia Appeal, so we can keep providing life-saving emergency nutrition to vulnerable, displaced families in the camps of Mogadishu.


could provide life-saving food sachets to a child for one week
could provide life-saving sachets to a child for two weeks
could provide and entire family with food for two months