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“Women Can’t Wait” campaign launched

To mark International Women’s Day on 8 March, Concern Worldwide launched its “Women Can’t Wait” campaign with a reception in the House of Lords, hosted by Baroness Nuala O’Loan DBE

The event invited politicians to take a pledge to support poor women in their efforts to overcome hunger. We are gathering these pledges in an effort to urge the UN and world leaders to act now, before it’s too late. Take the pledge now.

Phoebe Asiyo, UNIFEM Goodwill Ambassador and advocate for women’s rights in Kenya, spoke at the campaign launch. She said:

On International Women’s Day I was pleased to travel from Kenya to support this important campaign and highlight the vital role that poor women play in the fight against hunger. As a UNIFEM Goodwill Ambassador I know that women are still more likely than men to be at risk of hunger because of systematic discrimination. It is unacceptable that even though poor women produce the majority of food, they make up the majority of the world’s hungry. If we are to tackle the blight of hunger, poor women need to be recognised and supported in their efforts to defeat hunger.

The launch was well attended by a broad audience of parliamentarians and other politicians. Many were happy to pose for pictures to show their commitment to the campaign.

Rose Caldwell, Executive Director for Concern Worldwide, also spoke at the launch, saying:

If we are to have any hope of meeting the Millennium Development Goal  of halving hunger by 2015, the needs and voices of poor women must be urgently prioritised. There is a danger that if this does not happen, the numbers of those who go to bed hungry at night will continue rise and that we will be further than ever from fulfilling the promises made in 2000. That is why we are calling on world leaders to act now before it is too late.