Working with partners in Burundi

Working with partners in Burundi

In 2007 we started working with our first local partner in Burundi. It's called APECOS, and does amazing work supporting orphans affected by HIV and AIDS.

Aid work in Burundi

Since its creation in 1993, APECOS (Association pour la Prise en Charge des Orphelins du Sida), has supported 16,895 extremely poor and vulnerable orphans across four provinces.

APECOS is particularly skilled at raising awareness of HIV and AIDS. They work within communities, empowering people to make informed choices for their own lives. This shared vision makes it a perfect local partner for Concern in Burundi.

Spreading information

APECOS collaborates with young volunteer educators. These volunteers are trained to spread information about HIV and AIDS throughout their community.

With almost 4% of the population infected with HIV, this sort of awareness-raising is so important. When people are informed, they are better able to prevent the disease and less likely to discriminate against those who are infected.

25 of these volunteers have already been recruited and trained. By the end of the programme, the training will be extended to a total of 475 volunteers.

An enthusiastic crowd

Turnout for the training session has exceeded expectations. As the crowd shouldered its way into the training room, kindly provided by the health dispensary of Kiri in Rugombo village, it was difficult to tell who has a genuine invitation for the event and who is simply coming along for the ride. A rapid name call solves the issue and eventually the crowd was down to a more manageable size of 75 participants.

Audience participation

The training session is led by five of the already trained and active volunteers. Concern’s Désiré Nzomwita oversees the training session and provides complementary information where necessary. The training uses a mix of visual aids and props but especially relies on audience participation.