Halima’s story

Halima’s story

In November 2009, we launched a Christmas appeal to help some of the poorest families in rural Kenya by providing them with life-saving food parcels.

Persistent drought has left thousands of families in rural Kenya unable to cope. But, thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we can now continue to provide food parcels for another six months. This support also means we can continue to assist a number of health centres, such as Heillu clinic in Moyale.

A great success

We needed to raise €620,000 to provide food parcels for 1,350 families facing starvation. Thanks to everyone who has responded, we have raised €680,000

Health treatment

Ten-month-old Halima is one of the many children who have received treatment at Heilu clinic. Her mother, Gabadu, who walked for five kilometres to bring Halima here, says:

Halima was sick, losing weight and couldn’t eat anything. I was so afraid for her. I heard about this clinic from neighbours and decided to bring her here to see what they could do.

Effects of drought

Gabadu used to own camels, cattle and goats. But she was forced to watch them all die in the drought. “Now I collect firewood to sell,” she says.

Some weeks, I’ll make 450 shillings (€4) and some weeks 300. Without my animals, this is all I can do to make money.

I know that Halima became malnourished because I couldn’t give her all the food she needed, with what I can afford I only ever manage to buy some maize, sugar and oil and that’s not enough for my five children.

Much stronger

Today, thanks to your support, Halima has put on weight and is almost back to her old playful self.

Halima is so much stronger now and looking great. I am so grateful for this support. No mother should have to watch this happen to her child.