"Now I am shining"

"Now I am shining"

Hawa Binda is a single mother who works at Concern's Farmers Resource Centre in Liberia. Here, she learned some farming techniques that have helped her grow crops in her backyard garden.

Hawa has never set her foot in a classroom. Her life changed for the better when she started working at the Farmers Resource Centre.

She says: “What men can do women also can do – life has become new for the neglected with the establishment of the Farmers Resource Centre in our community – now I am shining.”

The Farmers Resource Centre has taught me many new ideas and techniques in agriculture. I work as a labourer, learn new techniques in agriculture. With my efforts and from the small wages I earn daily on the farm I am presently building my own dwelling house in Tokpaipolou.

During the farming season we had little to eat, as at most times we borrow seeds from other successful farmers which will be paid with interest. Sometimes we don’t even harvest much to repay our debtors and keep for food. We grow what we eat to barely keep us alive.

But my employment with the Concern FRC farm has helped me. Using the new ideas learnt during the work has helped me to make my own farm, grow my own crops and take care of my family. As a woman with my small earning, from the work on FRC farm, I am building a house for the first time in life and started farming by my own.

A new day has dawned on me as now life has changed and I can call myself a landlord.

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