Dalitiso’s recovery

Dalitiso’s recovery

In February, we ran an appeal for our nutrition project in Malawi. This included the story of Dalitiso Paterson, who was extremely malnourished and struggling for his life.

Two-year-old Dalitiso Paterson is a football fanatic. Every morning he runs around his father’s garden kicking a ball made of old plastic papers.

Before his daily football practice, he warms up by doing exercises players do before a match.

“I am amazed by how my son has recovered,” says his mother, Doris. “Five months ago he was struggling for his life, but now he is a strong healthy boy.”

Severely malnourished

When Dalitiso was 19 months old he was severely malnourished and suffering from diarrhoea. He was weak and his weight had drastically fallen. “As a mother it pained me to see my child slowly slipping away from me,” Doris explained.


Dalitiso was admitted to Concern’s Community Therapeutic Care (CTC) programme at Dzoole Health Centre. He was given a two week supply of a ready-to-use therapeutic food, to take home. This is known as “chiponde”, which means food you can take with you.

His mother returned to the centre at regular intervals so Dalitiso could be monitored and to get more therapeutic food.

Major improvement

Having improved tremendously, Dalitiso has now left the programme. Transformed from the weak boy who could barely walk, now Dalitiso loves playing football.

“I am grateful to Concern and all those behind its success for giving my son his life back. It was really hard for us as a family to care for him especially when our crops failed. The ‘chiponde’ programme was really a big help,” says Doris.

“I pray to God every day that those who made this programme possible be blessed abundantly. I overhear people saying that Dalitiso is going to be a football star. I know this may be true, he loves his football and this couldn’t have happened without your kind support.”

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