A happier start in life

A happier start in life

During the summer, some of you donated to our appeal for malnourished children in Rwanda. Here is one of the children you have helped – Nzabamahirwe.

At eight months old, Nzabamahirwe weighed an alarming 12 pounds when she was admitted to the Community Kitchen Rehabilitation Programme for malnourished children.

Nutrition sessions

As part of the programme, Nzabamahirwe’s mother attended four weekly education sessions on nutrition, with cooking demonstrations using local food she brought. After these, Nzabamahirwe received two follow-up visits at her home, over the following four weeks.

Nzabamahirwe was also given weekly rations of high-energy food, so her mother could treat her at home.

Stronger by the day

On behalf of Nzabamahirwe and many other children who have benefitted from this programme, thank you for your support.

Affects of malnutrition

Today, one million children die from hunger-related illnesses each year.
A staggering one in three children in the world suffer from growth failure because of hunger.

Most of these cases are preventable through simple measures like those that helped Nzabamahirwe.

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