Building a bridge

Building a bridge

The lives of thousands of villagers in Bokeo Province, Northern Laos, have been radically improved by a Concern bridge-building project.

Concern worked with seven villages which had become completely isolated by the Ngao River. 

Crossing the river 

To access schools, health services and markets, these villagers had to cross the river.


During the rainy season, this journey was extremely hazardous. The river would rise by three metres and could only be crossed by a temporary suspension bridge.


Unfortunately, this was flimsy and dangerous and often washed away. Those who were brave enough to cross it during the rainy season, often fell in. Sometimes losing their produce for market, or worse, losing their lives.

New bridge

A generous €19,000 donation from a payroll-giving scheme (node 1610) set up by Enterprise Ireland, enabled Concern to a plan a brand new, stronger bridge. The bridge was constructed working with local villagers.


Now, families can safely send their children to school; buy food at the markets and reach healthcare, whenever they need to.

Charity project in Laos

Mr. Khamchanh, a 50-year-old farmer from Bokeo Province, explained how the bridge has helped the entire community: “Because of the bridge, more students have enrolled in village schools and there’s access to medical treatment. Our trading with outside villages is better too. We are confident this will improve our [lives].”