Small improvements for Kula family

Small improvements for Kula family

Robert Quinn, a programme support officer for Concern in Haiti, met with Cesar Kulas and his family at Place de la Paix Camp.

The sun glares over Place de la Paix’s football pitch turned displaced camp, as Cesar Kulas leads me to his home close to what must have been the centre circle. In spite of the heat, Cesar remains a perfect host, offering me a cup of water saying,  “Concern brought it to us after all!” and a seat in the six metre square space he shares with his wife Adrienne and their three small children.

Unsafe space

A stroke of sheer luck saved the Kulas’ lives when the earthquake struck. A number of their neighbours’ buildings collapsed, killing many, but the Kulas’ room was untouched, apart from a number of cracks on the walls. Cesar knew immediately that the space was unsafe for his family to live in. So on the night of 12 January, the Kulas family made their way to nearby Place de la Paix football pitch to set up their temporary home.

Clean drinking water in Haiti

After losing so many neighbours and with their children in shock, Cesar and his wife still had to find basic necessities to stay alive. The most important of these was clean water. For two days they found it where they could, queuing by a burst pipe and scooping from a pool formed in the rubble of a building.


By 15 January, Concern was providing safe drinking water in Place de la Paix. This was funded by members of the public in Ireland, the UK, US and the European Commission. Cesar describes his relief as feeling “God’s grace, I was so grateful that my children would have water.”  The Kulas’ have since benefitted from the distribution of Concern hygiene kits and tarpaulin that allowed them to build a temporary shelter.


Though their situation is far from ideal, small improvements are taking place in the Kulas’ lives. Their children have re-enrolled at school. Cesar has found work with a Concern project building a drainage system in Place de la Paix. The money he has earned so far has allowed him to pay off the debts he accumulated immediately post earthquake to buy food for his family.

Our charity work in Haiti

Concern’s water and sanitation programme, which includes the provision of latrines and clean water, is now reaching 58,000 people in Haiti.

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