Our work in Syria

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Our work in Syria

As of March 2017, the crisis in Syria is six years old. Since 2013, our programmes in Syria have been helping those affected by the conflict. We also have programmes helping Syrian refugees in Turkey and Lebanon.

Humanitarian crisis

The conflict in Syria has resulted in the largest refugee crisis since the Second World War. Over 11 million people have been displaced by the war, with 4.8 million fleeing the country as refugees, the vast majority of whom are now hosted by Syria’s neighbouring countries of Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt.

In Syria, a total of 13.5 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance. Concern is providing assistance to families displaced or affected by the crisis to improve their access to food and clean water, as well as non-food items. In March 2017, to mark the sixth anniversary of the war, Concern  published the report, “Shattered Lives – Protecting civilians in War-torn Syria”. The report examines the devastating impact of war on civilian lives and analyses what needs to be done to provide more robust protection services, end the conflict and begin the road to recovery.

Latest updates

Water, sanitation and hygiene

Member of the Concern team in Syria spraying a building in order to control the spread of pests and insects. The bombing of buildings and the breakdown of municipal systems has meant a build-up of dirt for pests to thrive in. Photo: Concern Worldwide.

A shortage of clean water is one of the most pressing concerns, as the threat of water borne diseases is heightened, together with threats posed by the disruption of sanitation services due to fighting. In 2016, we reached 465,200 people with support including:

  • Providing clean drinking water by rehabilitating water pumping stations and extending/repairing water supply networks
  • Rehabilitating sewage networks
  • Conducing clean-up campaigns to remove solid waste
  • Vector control to halt the spread of communicable diseases
  • Emergency response during new influxes of displaced people, providing clean water trucking and distributing hygiene kits

Non-food items

We are providing immediate assistance when families are newly displaced. This includes providing basic items like blankets, tarpaulins, jerry cans and sleeping mats. In 2016, we helped 1,188 newly displaced families.

Food security

Food Basket distribution in northern Syria, Dec 2016. Photo: Concern Worldwide.

We are providing emergency food baskets to families fleeing immediate conflict and arriving in areas where Concern has access. We also provide food vouchers for vulnerable families in areas where markets are available. In 2016, we helped more than 9,000 households through this work.