Women of Concern Event

From L to R Thomas Moran, Chairman, Concern Worldwide US Toni Collette, Global Ambassador, Concern Worldwide, Joseph Cahalan, CEO, Concern Worldwide US

Women of Concern Luncheon

Annual Awards Luncheon

This year, Concern is proud to host an inaugural “Women of Concern Annual Awards Luncheon" in Ireland, to highlight the drive towards gender equality and pay tribute to the women who embody justice, generosity, and compassion in their work and daily lives.

One of the core elements of this luncheon will be honouring a woman from the Irish or International business, media or public sector for their exceptional achievements and extraordinary leadership. 

Save the Date

The Women of Concern Annual Awards Luncheon will take place on Friday 19th October at 12.30pm in Dublin at The Shelbourne Hotel. You can join us by taking a table and/or sponsoring an element of the evening.

Concern's 50th Anniversary

This year’s luncheon is of special significance, as 2018 marks Concern’s 50th anniversary. It will be a celebration of building a global movement for change from humble, grassroots beginnings.