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Annual Awards Luncheon

Each year in New York and Chicago, Concern Worldwide U.S. hosts the ‘Women of Concern Awards Luncheon’, to celebrate the lives of inspirational women and girls worldwide. 

This year, Concern Worldwide is proud to host the inaugural Women of Concern Awards Luncheon in Ireland, to highlight the drive towards gender equality and pay tribute to those who embody justice, generosity, and compassion in their work and daily lives. 

A core element of the luncheon is to honour an individual from the private or public sector for their exceptional achievements and extraordinary leadership in this area.

This year, we will pay tribute to Cathriona Hallahan, Managing Director of Microsoft Ireland, an inspirational leader in Information Communication Technology (ICT) who has championed gender equality and diversity throughout her career at Microsoft, an organisation itself with empowerment for every person on the planet at its core.

Concern's 50th anniversary

This year’s luncheon is of special significance, as in 2018 we are marking the 50th anniversary of Concern Worldwide. What is now a global movement for change grew from very humble grassroots beginnings. 

Our focus

Concern believes that women are the primary agents of change in the community and we place women’s empowerment at the heart of our humanitarian and development programmes. 

So join us to learn exactly how your support can empower change around the world and how, together, we can multiply our impact this year on those who, through no fault of their own, have been born into a life of poverty and vulnerability. It will be an afternoon well spent, one you will not forget - an investment in change that will last and spread, woman by woman, community by community. 

Join us on Friday, 19 October to be part of that change. Please contact Rachel or Jillian at [email protected] if you would like to attend or to become involved as a sponsor.