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East Africa Locust Emergency Appeal

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A major crisis is looming in East Africa, where massive swarms of locusts are devouring entire fields of crops in minutes – putting millions at risk of alarming food shortages.

Over 13 million people, who are already struggling to cope with an acute lack of food, are now under threat from a rapidly growing locust infestation that is affecting countries including Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia.

Locust swarms will grow up to 500 times their size by June if sufficient measures to tackle them are not taken soon and the impact of the crisis can already be seen – devastating crops that are a lifeline for many families. 

  • 235,000 hectares of crops, pasture and forest invaded by the infestation 
  • Worst outbreak to strike Ethiopia and Somalia for 25 years
  • Worst infestation experiences in Kenya in 70 years     

Many communities were just beginning to recover from recent intense climatic shocks of droughts and floods, and now their livelihoods are under threat again. 

What are we doing to help?

This crisis will not only endanger lives in the short-term but will also have huge repercussions into the future. The locusts are currently eating the crops due to be harvested to feed families in the region and are also destroying the seeds that could be used for future growth.

There is growing concern that the lack of vegetation will cause the loss of livestock - the main source of income for many pastoralists.

In order to help communities survive, we are supporting families with food, seeds, and other basic items - but we need your support.

Can you help us to provide life-saving support to families in East Africa?

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