Nine month old Nala pictured here in a Concern supported health centre in Mogadishu, Somalia. Nala is extremely malnourished, lethargic to the point she can’t open her eyes and has a temperature. Photo: Jennifer Nolan/ Concern Worldwide

Christmas appeal 

Somalia is currently in the grip of a major food crisis, caused by drought and violence. Please help us to provide life-saving food to vulnerable families.

From country programmes in Liberia to headquarters in Ireland, Concern is committed to accountability. Photo: Concern Worldwide.

Core Humanitarian Standard

From country programmes to headquarters, we're committed to the highest standards of good governance and accountability. That's why we're certified against the Core Humanitarian Standard.

Widow Isabelle Mundana (66) has benefited from five goats as part of Concern’s community and household resilience programme. Photo: Darren Vaughan/Concern Worldwide, Burundi, 2017

Concern Christmas Gifts

Concern Christmas Gifts are the alternative gifts offering from Concern Worldwide and help support our work in 26 of the world’s poorest countries. 

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We work with the world's poorest people to transform their lives. Together with our amazing supporters, we are working for a world free from hunger and poverty. Find out more about us, the countries where we work and how you can help.


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Pig Gift

This little piggy could provide security and income to a family in Malawi.

Clean Water

Clean Water could improve health and boost local economies.


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How money is spent

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Deli, 3, holds the sweet potatoes that her mother, Monica has grown with the help of Concern's RAIN programme in Zambia. Photo taken by Gareth Bentley/Concern Worldwide.

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What we're focused on