The winners of the 2022 Concern Primary Schools Debate Final 2022The winners of the 2022 Concern Primary Schools Debate Final 2022The winners of the 2022 Concern Primary Schools Debate Final 2022

Primary education programmes

Primary education programmes

Looking for fun and interesting development education activities for your class?

We offer four innovative and engaging programmes for both teachers and students along with personalised school visits for your class. Each programme has been carefully designed to inform students of global issues happening in the world today whilst linking to the current primary school curriculum. They are perfect projects to undertake throughout the school year and are a great way for students to naturally develop their skills and talents through fun and interactive activities.

Primary Debates

Want to introduce your students to some of the most important issues facing the world today? Help them acquire the skills needed to formulate an argument, deliver a speech, stand up for their point of view and challenge an opponent’s opinion? Look no further than the Concern Primary Debates!

Schools can enter a team of six students – with three students speaking and the other three acting as subs and researchers. All the motions will be based on development education topics such as climate change, hunger and even issues here in Ireland. We can help support teams with tips on how to research and debate with tailored school workshops.

This year the primary debates remain online. Schools should register with the local Education Support Centre. 

Engaging young people with social justice issues is empowering for the teacher and the learner and brings a real sense of energy to the classroom and to the school environment.

Primary Debates Teacher
Six children show off their medals
Minister for Children Roderic O’Gorman, with the St Francis Xavier SNS, Blanchardstown, debating team. Pictured from left: Cassie Ward; Tessa Rycraft; Julia Sendlak (Captain); Finley Cherry Maguire; Emilia Ahern; and Amelie Carew. Photo: Karen Morgan/Concern Worldwide
Two girls and a boy smile as they hold their awards after winning the Concern  Primary Schools Debate Final 2022
Winners of the Concern Primary Schools Debate Final 2022, Andrea Whelton (12), Lily Hayes (11) and Michael O Donovan (11) from Ardfield National School, Clonakilty, Co. Cork with Roderic O'Gorman Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth of Ireland. Photo: Karen Morgan/Concern Worldwide

Interested in the Concern Primary Debates?

Sustainimals Online Game (TU Dublin & Concern Worldwide)
Sustainimals Online Game (TU Dublin and Concern Worldwide)


We're delighted to bring you our 'Sustainimals' game for primary school students in collaboration with TU Dublin. This WebGL game is a Javascript game that can be played on Chrome, Firefox and all major browsers to some degree. It will work on most but not all mobile devices.

Become a life-saving aid worker in our new video game that takes a fun and innovative approach to tackling serious world issues. 

Come to the assistance of  a community devastated by storm and floods. Complete all the mini games in order to bring them the supplies they need!

Hunger Heroes

The Hunger Heroes programme consists of a series of lesson plans, case studies and classroom activities that have been uniquely tailored for senior primary school students (3rd to 6th class pupils) around the theme of Hunger.

The activities have been designed so that multi-class teachers and teachers of junior primary students will also be able to find activities suitable for their class. There will be a cross-curricular approach in the pack with activity suggestions covering everything from literacy and numeracy to drama and art. Use our Teacher’s Packs to learn more about Hunger, Nutrition, and Development.

We encourage teachers to complete a Hunger Heroes action project or fundraiser with their class in order to deepen awareness and understanding and to become Hunger Heroes!

Hunger Heroes was a fantastic way to engage my students in the complex links between food waste and climate change through fun lesson plans and activities!

Primary School teacher

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Interested in becoming a Hunger Hero? 

Scenes from the 2016-2017 Concern Debates Final, The Helix, Dublin. Photo: Ruth Medjber / Concern Worldwide.

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