Snapshot of Concern's Sustainimals gameSnapshot of Concern's Sustainimals gameSnapshot of Concern's Sustainimals game

Play our Sustainimals video game

Become a life-saving aid worker in our new online game

Become a life-saving aid worker in our new video game that takes a fun and innovative approach to tackling serious world issues. 

Come to the assistance of  a community devastated by storm and floods. Complete all the mini games in order to bring them the supplies they need!

Snapshot of Concern's Sustainimals game
Sustainimals Game

Game coming on May 17

We're delighted to bring you our 'Sustainimals' game for primary school students in collaboration with TU Dublin. It will be available to play here live on May 17. 

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Help families in Afghanistan who have lost everything.

Help families displaced by conflict in Afghanistan

  • More than 3 million people in Afghanistan are internally-displaced due to conflict

  • Escalating violence has forced families to flee without food or possessions

  • Help us to provide Survival Kits to those who need them most

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