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Pod Worldwide

Concern's podcast about what's happening in countries that don't make the news

Curious about the world and want to find out what's happening in countries that don't make the news?

Then Pod Worldwide is the podcast for you! 

This is a podcast from Concern Worldwide, bringing you stories from some of the 25 countries we work in as humanitarians; the challenges communities are facing, some of the solutions and plenty more in-between.

Every month, Concern staff will speak to colleagues in the field, experts and other interesting people to explore the issues affecting communities in the countries we work in - from Burundi to Bangladesh. Pod Worldwide will give you an insight into the innovations being used in the field that you may not have heard of, and you will hear all about the things that our colleagues cannot live without. 

As well as this, we’ll break down the complex situations that don’t always make the headlines, and we’ll be testing some special guests in our “How much do you know…” quiz. 

If you can spare 15 minutes, you can learn more about the world we live in with Pod Worldwide! Download on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts - just search for Pod Worldwide, and make sure to subscribe!

And if you want to get in touch, email us at

Episode 1: Cooking in Malawi, Sudan update and debating!

In our first episode, we hear how a climate friendly source of energy is helping Concern’s chef in Malawi, what’s happening in Sudan, and sustainability activist and presenter Fionnuala Moran will face our "How Much Do You Know" quiz. We also be look at whether for the global south, the international community is a mirage.

Episode 2: All things football!

In honour of the Women’s World Cup kicking off in Australia and New Zealand, episode two is all about football.

Irish international star Heather Payne talks to us ahead of the World Cup and takes on our How Much Do You Know quiz, we hear about the role football can play in building peace, and we go to Somalia to find out how football helps communities and young people there.

Elman Sports Club emblem
Elman Sports Club's motto is 'peace through soccer'.

Episode 3: Türkiye and Syria earthquakes six months on

In episode 3 of Pod Worldwide, we hear from Türkiye, six months on from the devastating earthquakes, and learn how art is helping children there cope with their emotions and stresses in the aftermath.

We also chat to Concern's first youth climate ambassador, who tells us what young people have been telling her about the climate actions they want.

And Seamas Hyland from Irish folk group of the moment, the Mary Wallopers, takes on a music themed How Much Do You Know quiz.

Drawing of rainbow
Episode 3's item we can't live without is... crayons!

Episode 4: Daily life in Haiti, and travelling in Sierra Leone

In episode 4 of Pod Worldwide, we hear from Haiti, the challenges it is facing after eight months of violence, and the people affected.

We go to Sierra Leone to learn how Concern vaccinators manage to get to remote communities in torrential rain and floods.

And Dublin football star Michael Darragh Macauley tells us about life after football and tackles our How Much Do You Know quiz.

Concern staff on motorbike
A trusty motorbike is the item our Sierra Leone staff can't live without.

Episode 5: Tackling a changing climate

In episode 5 of Pod Worldwide, we learn what tools help warn communities in Bangladesh about impending floods.

We chat to Concern’s new youth climate ambassador Dearbhla Richardson about what she hopes to bring to the role and what to say to climate change deniers.

And we hear from Women of Concern 2023 honouree, Ifrah Ahmed – campaigner and activist against female genital mutilation.

People use a flood level indicator to anticipate flood danger levels
People in the Char area use a flood level indicator to anticipate flood danger levels to reduce losses. (Photo: Concern Worldwide Bangladesh)

Episode 6: Why be a Concern street fundraiser?, getting unstuck in Kenya, and on tour with Hozier

In episode six, we take to the streets of Dublin with Concern's street fundraisers ahead of Christmas, to hear what it's like to approach strangers every day, and why they do it.

We hear from our team in Kenya on how to get your truck unstuck when the weather plays up.

And Ruth Medjber, music photographer and the photographer behind the pandemic window portrait series, takes time out from touring with Hozier to tackle our How Much Do You Know Quiz.

Concern Kenya's Paul Lotengan with Concern vehicle and winch
Concern Kenya's Paul Lotengan shows how a winch can get drivers out of tricky spots. Photo: Concern

Episode 7: Life for Sudanese refugees in Chad, and busting myths in the comments section

In this episode, we hear from Chad, where more than half a million people from Sudan have fled since the outbreak of the conflict there in April last year.

We find out what item is essential to getting cash quickly to vulnerable communities in Somalia (spoiler - you're probably reading this on it now!), and we delve into some of the social media comments Concern receives - and bust some myths while we're at it. 


Mobile phone being held in hand
A mobile phone can be the connection vulnerable communties need.

Episode 8: Ukraine two years on, and the magic of photography

In this episode, we hear from Ukraine, as it marks two years since the escalation of the conflict. We learn what daily life is like, and hear hopes for the future.

For the latest Item I Can't Do My Job Without section, we find out what item in Liberia is making a trip to the loo all the more pleasant.

And photographs are hugely important to tell the story of our work. We hear from photographers we work with on the favourite photo they've taken for Concern.

Villagers selling vegetables in Bangladesh
Momota sells vegetables to the villagers. MR Hasan chose this as his most memorable photo. Photo: Mohammad Rakibul Hasan/Concern Worldwide
Sato toilet in Liberia
An installed Sato in Wainsue Community owned by a resident. Photo: Concern Worldwide

Episode 9: 13 years of conflict in Syria, and finding jobs as a young person in Somalia

In this episode, we hear from our colleagues in Syria as the conflict there enters its 14th year.

We hear from photographer Mustafa Saeed about the image, and story behind it, that gives him hope about turning the corner on youth unemployment in Somalia.

And we take another dive into Concern’s social media comments section – this time addressing some very stark views on bodily autonomy and reproductive choices.

Raheem* works on a cleaning truck. Photo: Mustafa Saeed/Concern Worldwide
Raheem* works on a cleaning truck. Photo: Mustafa Saeed/Concern Worldwide

Episode 10: Starting a humanitarian response in Yemen, and Give Peace a Chance

In episode 10, we hear from the newest country Concern has started working in – Yemen. We find out what item ensures that children living in areas of conflict in Niger can continue their education. And find out how you can support Concern's work AND win an original vinyl of the John Lennon and Yoko Ono song Give Peace a Chance.