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Why are we in Kenya? While Kenya has one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, it is also facing the dual challenge of rising poverty rates and the consequences of the climate crisis. Concern’s work in Kenya is designed to build resilience in the face of climate and economic shocks through integrated and innovative programmes. 

Kenya is facing several challenges in its fight against poverty

In the the last 10 years, Kenya has lost gains made in eradicating poverty since the start of the century. While some progress has been made since 2020 (during which 42.9% of Kenyans were living in poverty), rates are still higher now than they were in the previous decade.  

We see this in rural areas, where over 68% of people currently experiencing poverty live. These areas were also hit hard by the worst drought in Kenya in 40 years. At the same time, inequality in urban areas is increasing. In Nairobi, poverty is highly concentrated in the informal settlements, with nearly 33% of its residents considered to be poor.

Concern is working to address these challenges by addressing climate change, humanitarian issues, and peacebuilding processes.


Latest achievements


In 2023, with funding from Datatec and Greendale, we helped nearly 700 students across nine junior secondary schools in Marsabit County to improve their skills, competency, and attitude towards STEM subjects.

Climate Smart Agriculture

Health & nutrition

Nuru Chudi tends to her farm in Kenya, wearing colourful patterned skirt
Nuru Chudi tends to her farm in Kenya’s Tana River County. Photo: Lisa Murray/Kerry Group
Nurse in hi-vis jacket wrapping band around arm of child in Marsabit, Kenya
An intergrated outreach site in Laisamis, Marsabit. Photo: Shaloam Strooper/Concern Worldwide
Concern staff member Tabitha speaking to CEO David Regan about water pumps in Kenya
Concern Livelihood officer Tabitha (right) shows Concern CEO David Regan how they fix water pumps in Lengima village, Marsabit. Photo: Gavin Douglas
Group of farmers digging canal in Turkana County, Kenya
Farmers in Turkana County digging a canal to allow water to reach their farms. Photo: Shaloam Strooper
Farmer Mwanajuma Ghamaharo tends to plot in Kenya
Mwanajuma Ghamaharo tends to her irrigated plot of mung beans in Makere village. Photo: Lisa Murray
Woman wearing colourful necklaces sits in doctor waiting room with her two infant sons on her lap
Engoit Lokidor with her sons Eregae and Maraka at Sasame Dispensary in Kenya's Turkana province. Photo: Lisa Murray
Kenyan pastoralist Ereng Kaleng Kalimapuse boils pot over fire
Pastoralist Ereng Kaleng Kalimapuse prepares maize for their family in Milimatatu Village. Photo: Lisa Murray

How we're helping Kenya

We are working hard to combat suffering and build resilience in Kenya. We are doing this by implementing programmes which will strengthen resilience, respond to emergencies and provide access to quality education.

Community Conversations
People gather with jerrycans and other containers to collect water from a tanker cistern in Deir el-Balah in the central Gaza Strip

Gaza Emergency Appeal

  • 1.9 million people displaced

  • 2.2 million people in need of humanitarian assistance

  • People need nutrition support, medical assistance, and water, sanitation and hygiene services

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