Educational Resources

Educational Resources

We have a large selection of development education resources for teachers, students or anyone who just wants to learn a bit more about the world around them!

These resources contain activities, information, stories, and statistics which can be incorporated across a range of subjects to bring global issues into your classroom. Resources are adaptable and suitable for both primary and secondary schools.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals are 17 goals set by the United Nations to work towards a more equal world for everyone. This resource collection contains a booklet for each goal along with easily adaptable activities and information to bring the issues alive for your students.

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Country Fact Files

Our Country Fact Files offer in-depth insights along with timelines and key issues for some of the countries that we operate in. This resource pairs perfectly with the Sustainable Development Goals resource listed previously. 

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Everyday Activism

Everyday Activism resource. Photo: Concern Worldwide.
Everyday Activism resource.

Our Everyday Activism handbook is a perfect way to help stimulate discussion and debate on the challenges of being active for economic, social, and political change in the world. Be inspired to begin your own activism journey.

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Action Project Planner

Action Project Planner resource. Photo: Concern Worldwide.
Action Project Planner resource.

Our Action Project Planner booklet is filled with resources, tips, advice, and examples to help your students to plan their action project. This resource is designed to be used by students as they work through the stages of bringing their own ideas to life.

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Someone Like Me

Someone like me book. Photo: Concern Worldwide.
Someone like me book. Photo.

‘Someone Like Me’ is an illustrated children's book that tells the stories of children affected by war, natural disaster and extreme poverty. It’s a great educational resource that allows children to understand global development issues and what life is like for other children around the world.

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