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Speak Act Do is Concern’s school programme to support teachers and students in taking action on global issues such as climate change, poverty and inequality.

It works whatever the location or context of the school. It is designed to be flexible, led by the school and supported by the Concern schools team.

On this page, you will find resources and information about taking part in Speak Act Do!

And you can sign up to the programme here.

Why sign up?

Watch our video guide to find out more.

Information and Key Dates

This year as part of Speak Act Do, we are running the “Let’s Tackle…” series, these are webinars in which Concern’s overseas employees will speaker from their country of practise about the programmes they run relating to Gender Equality, Conflict, Poverty, Climate Change and Hunger. The webinars will last up to fifty minutes. We will also be hosting a launch online, MC’ed by Youth Hosts, and featuring five overseas speakers talking for five minutes about their work and how they got into development. As well as all this, on November 9th there will be a National Youth Event to celebrate the Last Fast and to highlight the problem of World Hunger.

As well as the resources for Speak Act Do on this webpage, in October teachers will receive a lesson plan on Mis- & Dis- Information and how to spot it.

In March, we will hold a “Meet the Expert” event at which students will receive tips from experts on how to improve their projects!

In May, the top projects will be invited to present at our Agents of Change event.

Interested in signing up to Speak Act Do but want more information? Find Key Dates and a Facilitator's Guide to the Programme below

Facilitator's Guide

Speak Act Do Key Dates

Speak Act Do Overview

Take the lead

Check out our guide for running Speak Act Do, our action programme, in your school. This is aimed at teachers, but it can also be used by young people who are taking part in the programme too!


A wise person once said, knowledge is power. In Concern, finding out information and using expertise from communities and Concern staff from all over the world is a key part of what we do. From responding to a cyclone to supporting women’s empowerment, knowledge and understanding are vital parts of making these happen.  

Download this handy guide to researching for your Speak Act Do project!  

Students Sophie and Phoebe participate in Concern's Transition Year Academy.
Students Sophie and Phoebe participate in Concern's Transition Year Academy. Photo: Cian Purcell-Milton/ Concern Worldwide


You’ve done your research, you know what you want to do – the only thing left is to take action!

Download our action menu to give you a few ideas of how you can take action in your own school or community, and ways to show support to people globally who are experiencing poverty, hunger and inequalities.

Action planner

Keep track of your project with our action planner which will help you to organise your project.

Maryfield College students at Agents of Change. Photo: Ruth Medjber/ Concern Worldwide
Maryfield College students at Agents of Change. Photo: Ruth Medjber/ Concern Worldwide

Concern stories

Looking for information about communities that Concern are working with? Do you want to find out more about the world you live in?

Check out our news and stories pages for more information.


Find videos and stories from the communities that we are working with on our YouTube channel.

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Concern Staff Christina at the Concern Debate Finals. Photo: Ruth Medjber / Concern Worldwide.

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