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How we are governed

There have been significant changes in governance practice in the 50 years since Concern Worldwide was established. We regularly review our arrangements to ensure we are fulfilling our commitment to best practice in our governance and transparency.

Constitution of Concern Worldwide

Concern’s governing body, the Board of Directors, recently reviewed its governance arrangements in light of evolving practice and the changes required under the Companies Act 2014.

Out of this process, a new governing document has developed which is called the Concern Worldwide Constitution. This governing document was approved by the Members of Concern Worldwide at the AGM on 28 May 2016.

The members form the general body that has responsibility for the Constitution of Concern Worldwide, the election of the Board of Directors and appointment of the auditors.

As well as its membership, and the Board, Concern has a senior management team. We are fully compliant with the Charities Governance Code and the Irish Development NGO’s Code of Corporate Governance.

Our updated constitution can be read below.

Committees within the Board

Members of the Board meet at least six times a year. It has four standing committees: Finance; Programme Monitoring and Evaluation; Audit and Risk; and Remuneration and Succession. Find out more about each of these committees in the documents below.

Aline Joyce Berabose and her mother Marie Ange Berabose at the Resurge Conference, 2018. Photo: Photocall Ireland.

Read our annual report

  • Our accounts are prepared in accordance with the Charities SORP.

  • Our annual report has won Published Accounts Awards 22 times since 1988.

  • We have been awarded 'Triple Lock' membership by Charities Institute Ireland.

Read our annual report
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