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Nyalat Wijal and her daughter Nyatuach TandNyalat Wijal and her daughter Nyatuach Tand

You can end the wait for families fighting extreme hunger

€8 a month could provide a life-saving course of emergency therapeutic food for two children

You have a key role to play in the fight against hunger

More than 10% of the world's population goes hungry each day. 

We know all too well of the devastating increase in global conflict, and the destructive impact of the worsening climate crisis. As more communities become displaced, and more families lose their livelihoods – we need your support more than ever to support people facing the constant threat of hunger. You can make an incredible difference today.

By starting a monthly gift with Concern today you can help provide much needed food, water and a path out of an increasingly desperate situation.

Monthly donations from kind supporters like you will enable us to continue working with families whose livelihoods and homes have been devastated by conflict and the climate crisis to rebuild their lives - whatever it takes. Join us today.

Concern health worker holding packets of RUTF
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How you can make a difference

Nyalat with her small child
Nyalat Wijal and her daughter Nyatuach Tand. Photo: Ed Ram / Concern Worldwide.

Nyalat, from South Sudan, has lost her home, her livelihood and been separated from loved ones due to conflict.

By donating to Concern today, you will be making a tangible difference in the lives of people like Nyalat.

Concern health worker holding packets of RUTF
I want to donate

Please donate today

Never underestimate the difference your donation can make to people living in the harshest circumstances due to conflict and climate change.

For less than the price of one cup of coffee a week, you can change the course of someone's life forever.

Please help deliver life-saving support. 

Mother holding her baby in busy health clinic waiting room

End the wait for families fighting extreme hunger

  • Provide essential food, water and medical support

  • Work with communities to rebuild their lives

  • Bring hope to families devastated by conflict and climate change

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