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Join us on our mission to end extreme poverty, whatever it takes

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Where your money goes

Approximately 90% of your donation will go directly towards our relief and development work with the world's poorest and most vulnerable people. 

In 2023, we reached 15.5 million people in 26 countries through our emergency response programmes, with more than 9 million people reached through our health and livelihoods activities. 

How your donation is used

of your donation goes to Relief and Development

This is spent directly towards our goal of ending extreme poverty.

A girl dressed in her school uniform stands in front of her family's home
  • 7.4%


    This is money spent to raise funds for Concern's work and highlight the needs of the communities we work with.

  • 2.3%

    Education and Advocacy

    We invest money in influencing policies and deepening awareness on issues around global poverty with the public.

  • 0.4%


    Funds spent to ensure Concern Worldwide is managed efficiently and adheres to the highest standards.

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Every day, we are working to transform the lives of people living in extreme poverty

Our vision, our mission and our work are all defined by one goal – ending extreme poverty, whatever it takes. We believe that no-one should have to live in fear that they won't have a home to sleep in or enough food to feed their children.

When an emergency strikes, we are among the first on the ground – mobilising expert teams in just 24 hours. From the breakout of conflict in Ukraine to the effects of the climate crisis in the Horn of Africa, we go to the ends of the Earth to reach the most vulnerable.

By donating today, you're helping us make this vision a reality, one step at a time.